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Need a quick and easy accent wall to bring inspiration and character to your work space? Emagispace® offers the perfect feature wall solution to create compelling visual appeal. From office space to gallery and retail displays, you can effortlessly enhance the personality of your environment with a reclaimed wood finish that is as sustainable as it is elegant. Our high-quality accent walls are easy to move, re-design, and repurpose as your needs evolve. They’re completely self-supporting, so you can add artwork, TVs or other accessories. Available in 8’ length. Delivered within 9 business days from payment.

What Makes Emagispace® Accent Walls Different?

No one does accent walls quite like Emagispace®:

  • Convenience – Emagispace® accent walls can be installed using nothing more than a team of two and an electric screwdriver in about 30 minutes. We save you from the mess of a major construction project or reliance on a contractor. Forget the hassle of sheetrock, heavy wood planks, studs, plaster, or paint. You can have a new office layout in as little as a week.
  • Materials – The Emagispace® modular accent wall is a lightweight, medium-density fiber board made from recycled sawmill waste with interconnecting blocks made from ABS plastic — a low-cost engineering plastic known for its impact resistance, strength, and stiffness. You can feel good about investing in our product, as it’s all reclaimed, eco-friendly, and sustainable.
  • Versatility – We can customize accent wall finishes according to your preferences. We can install doors or windows, or wrap the wall in any number of skins, including wood, wallpaper, brick, wainscoting, paneling, shiplap, and more. Our accent walls are easily assembled, disassembled, and stored in a space that is 3.5 feet x 4 foot 9 inches. Emagispace® walls can be used as permanent office solutions or flexible temporary office spaces.
  • Price – Emagispace® accent walls are available at a fraction of the cost of conventional wood framing.

How to Use Emagispace® Office Accent Walls

Versatile office accent walls from Emagispace® are the ideal solution for:

  • Bold accent colors – Boost morale and productivity with a vibrant splash of color.
  • Dividing spaces – Build individual workspaces and cubicles out of an open floor plan.
  • Displays – Create a changeable or seasonal exhibit that expresses your current priorities.
  • Reception – Show off your aesthetic and sense of style to important clients and prospects.
  • Temporary setups – Prepare for trade shows, flash sales, and seasonal increases by retrofitting your space.
  • Break rooms – Give employees a place to relax and socialize.
  • Branding – Use your brand logo, colors, slogans, and iconography in innovative new ways to inspire your team.
  • Additional privacy – Accent walls can dampen ambient noise, discourage wandering eyes, and enhance focus.
  • Notice boards and meeting points – Create a central gathering point where memos are posted.

Many businesses add walls to improve acoustics and break up noisy open floor plans that hinder productivity. Accent walls are also a great way to add personality and a splash of color to an otherwise neutral space, without any downtime or disruption to day-to-day business. Teams find they suddenly have more privacy, less clamor, and a greater sense of community with the new office design.

Design Ideas for Office Accent Walls

We can accommodate any design aesthetic.

  • Creative companies love the rustic-chic robin’s egg blue reclaimed wood to demonstrate their relaxed, personable way of doing business.
  • Busy, sophisticated enterprises capitalize on narrow plank sustainable bamboo to signify high-end importance and grandeur.
  • Trend-setters allure visitors with layered multi-dimensional wood that suggests warmth, sociability, and connectedness with the latest fashions.
  • Natural colored-wood panels appeal to businesses looking to make smaller spaces look more expansive and lobbies appear inviting.
  • Rustic reclaimed pine adds depth, character, and DIY charm to any room, while bringing an elegant touch of nature indoors.

Accent Walls Improve Work Productivity

Ideally, the office is a place where people feel at ease and inspired to do their best work. A University of Texas at Austin study found that the use of wall color is an important part of encouraging productivity. Researchers reported that the majority of test subjects “liked to work in a blue or blue-green environment.” Some were at their most relaxed and productive in an aqua accent room, while others were most alert in a red accent room.

A similar study by the University of British Columbia found that color affected performance in the following ways:

  • Red works best for highly motivated individuals who have detail-oriented assignments.
  • Blue works best for creative types who need to brainstorm or collaborate to get their work done.
  • Green works best for reducing stress, while also inspiring creativity and innovation.
  • Gray is psychologically neutral.

More About Emagispace®

At Emagispace®, we pride ourselves on staying on the leading edge of modern office design trends to improve how individuals function in their working spaces. Company co-founder Noel Maxam’s background as an Emmy-Award-winning producer led him to devise innovative ways to get walls up quickly, easily, and cheaply, without sacrificing appearances. He explains: “In the business world, every single dollar counts. Every dollar you save behind the scenes is a dollar you can use to create a fictional world, which impresses and hooks viewers, generates advertising money, and helps your show outperform its rivals.” His goal was to create “building blocks for adults” that could be fashioned into striking, professional spaces.

Since 2013, our fast-growing startup has built accent walls for SONY, Disney Television Group, Revlon, Summit Surgical, Corban University, The Animal Museum, and Colorado College, to name a few clients. We have built our reputation on putting up durable, high-quality walls in one-tenth the time, at half the cost.

Need a Quick and Easy Accent Wall to Bring Inspiration and Character to Your Work Space?

Improve the personality and productivity of your workspace at a fraction of the cost of standard wood-frame walls with the innovative office accent walls from Emagispace®. All materials and hardware are shipped to you in one delivery on a 60” by 40” pallet. Simple, no-hassle assembly requires only a drill with a screwdriver bit. Our accent walls can be dressed in a wide variety of finishes and skins to match your office design plan, or inspire creative new possibilities. As your business grows and evolves, our office accent walls are easy to move and re-use. To get started, or to learn more about our groundbreaking office wall solutions, contact a sales representative today!

EmagiKit Accent Wall
Accent Wall 8 ft
*Accent Walls ordered on casters will be 86.5" in height.
*Accent Walls ordered on casters will be 86.5" in height.
*Accent Walls ordered on casters will be 86.5" in height.
Accent Wall 8 ft
*Accent Walls ordered on casters will be 86.5" in height.