Privacy Rooms

Get the privacy you need,
at a price you can appreciate.

With the increase of open concept workspaces, employees often need a quiet place to do more focused work, make calls or have video conferences. They need somewhere to meet with colleagues, interviewees and clients. They need spaces to contemplate and meditate. And, new mothers need a private place to nurse or pump.

Known as productivity rooms, huddle rooms, private offices, meeting rooms, meditation rooms, interview rooms and focus rooms – the space goes by many names and configurations, but the end result is the same: a quiet space where office workers can devote themselves to a task or meeting within an open, collaborative floor plan layout. These mini conference rooms are versatile, portable, reusable, and affordable. Emagispace provides, modular focus and interview rooms that solve your organization’s need for a quiet workspace.

6' x 6' Focus Room


Exterior: 69.75"W x 69.75"D x 88"H
Interior: 64.5"W x 64.5"D x 84.25"H
Wall Thickness: 3.75"

Exterior colors
Interior colors
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4' x 8' Privacy Room


Exterior: 96"W x 48"D x 88"H
Interior: 87.5"W x 39.5"D x 84.25"H
Wall Thickness: 3.75"

Exterior colors
Interior colors
Financing Options

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EmagiKit Privacy Rooms include:

  • Core walls utilize the patented, precision-built EmagiBlock® connector block technology
  • Satin-finish extruded aluminum framing with varied finish materials
  • Vinyl-covered hardboard on both the interior and exterior walls and ¼” tempered glass storefront door
  • 9mm PET on both the interior and exterior walls and ¼” laminated glass storefront door
  • Architectural Aluminum on the exterior walls, 9mm PET on the interior walls, and door construction of air channel between ¼” laminated glass and ¼” tempered glass
  • Ceiling is PET-covered hardboard in an aluminum frame Floor is ½” MDF covered with carpet


  • Sidelights on main wall
  • Sensor-activated LED overhead lights
  • Doors mounted using continuous hinge
  • Automatic door closer with internal and external handles
  • Duplex outlets and dual USB charge plugs on each vertical raceway
  • Class A fire rating available

What is a Privacy Room by Emagispace?

A privacy room includes just enough comfortable space for a small group to convene. It’s made with acoustic materials that absorb sound and block ambient noise from outside the pod. It can be put on casters to wheel around the office and easily taken apart for storage or relocation and can be easily assembled, disassembled, and moved as workspace needs change.

The space typically includes a small table or laptop stand and fits a couple chairs or bench seats. USB and electrical outlets, energy efficient lighting, and a quiet personal ventilation system are included in each stand-alone unit. Configurations can vary based upon your unique needs.

Focus rooms are the ideal solution for small groups that require a quiet, dedicated workspace where they can concentrate side by side, or have an uninterrupted meeting. Many individuals dash into productivity rooms to take a phone call, join a video conference call, or for a quiet place to focus. Employers can also use these spaces to interview prospects, train new hires, or engage in confidential conversations.

How Meeting Pods Are Shaking Up the Open Office Layout

“Time and again, clients tell us their workplace isn’t doing enough to help their people work together,” said Dr. Tracy Brower, director of the Herman Miller Performance Environments design firm. “The nature of work is changing, but many workplaces haven’t kept pace,” she adds.

Data collected by her team across a variety of industries found that:

  • 60% of the time, workstations are unoccupied.
  • 75% of the time, private offices are unoccupied.
  • 4 out of 5 conference room seats sit empty.

They concluded that companies would be better served with a floor plan that “includes a variety of spaces for informal interaction – often, the kind that occurs spontaneously.” Nowadays, 80 percent of individual output depends on working within a group, compared to just 30 percent in 2010. Today’s collaborative work environment is more specialized, operating at faster speeds, and requiring more information sharing to produce unique insights. The office buildings we work in must consider the need for different types of working space to foster collaboration, without devolving into a noisy, chaotic deluge.

And while open plan designs decrease cost per square foot and increase collaboration, it can come at a cost of disrupting productivity when solitude or small group space is needed. Space utilization experts believe an organization needs a private space for every 18 employees to ensure the highest level of productivity.

Whether it’s lounge seating in a privacy nook, fully enclosed office meeting pods, or file islands where people can compare notes on-the-go, these less formal gathering spaces give busy workers a place to engage in less structured, more creative conversations that evolve along with the workers’ needs. If a phone conversation requires confidentiality, one can simply pop into a focus room. If a team needs to complete a project under deadline pressure, they can book time in a focus room to accomplish the task, without interruption. If contractors or remote workers want to drop by the office to work on a specific project, they have a place to go. With modular rooms that provide a soundproof environment, workspace design becomes increasingly more efficient and productive.

With privacy rooms from Emagispace organizations have the cost-effective flexibility to scale as your company grows by easily adding more rooms or moving them to new locations. The investment is not lost, as can be the case with traditional tenant improvement.

Privacy and Focus Room Specs

Meeting room pods by Emagispace include:

  • A narrow storefront style front door made of clear anodized aluminum and clear 1/4” tempered glass.
  • A quiet aluminum continuous hinge with a 12” push-and-pull handle.
  • Wool insulation raceways and interior acoustical panels for soundproofing.
  • Dimension options of 4’ x 8’ or 6’ x 6’, with a wall height of 7 foot 4 inches.
  • A roof system that includes 3,000K puck lights, a dual S7 fan, and black data plates.

Emagispace meeting rooms can be delivered in just 6-8 weeks – no lengthy lead times.

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