Barrier Walls

Event planners now have an innovative and cost-effective solution for branded experiences, barrier walls and barricades. Emagispace® provides patented portable barrier systems to control crowd flow and enhance the immersive event experience with customizing skins and graphics. Our unique system is made up of lightweight interlocking blocks that are easy to ship, move, store, assemble and re-purpose. Our dividing walls can easily support doors and windows, as well as monitors and shelving.

In event planning, onsite changes are inevitable. You can easily move or reconfigure our barricade walls to respond to any last-minute floor plan adjustments. Once assembled, the crowd-control walls can be covered with captivating graphics to astonish your audience with beautifully branded experiences. If you can imagine it, you can affix it.

With Emagispace®, event planners can build engaging, sustainable event dividing walls, barrier walls, or stage backdrops faster, easier and more cost-effectively than ever before.

The elegant, turn-key solution for a personal privacy space
  • Sleek, attractive design
  • Save time and labor costs, easy assembly
  • Comes with easy to follow step-by-step instructions
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You’ve Never Seen A Portable Barrier System Like This.

Easy Assembly

Emagispace® uses a patented, kit-based building block technology to ship and set up modular barricades almost effortlessly. We’ve seen a four-person crew assemble a massive structure the length of two football fields in a day-and-a-half. Our environmentally-friendly components are pre-assembled so walls are ready to be built when onsite.


They’re sturdy enough to support doors, windows, shelves, TV screens, speakers, and lighting. As a portable barrier system, these event walls are made to withstand ongoing reconfigurations, break downs, and short or long-term storage. We stand behind our products with a one-year Limited Warranty that protects against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.


 Create a unique wall experience by affixing branded graphics, printed vinyl, canvas, wood, brick, metal, glass, drywall, 3-D printed reliefs, or whatever designs you can dream up. When you’re done, wrap them again-and-again in different designs and logos. We can make introductions to graphic print providers.

There Are Countless Applications for Our Barricade Walls

Emagispace® barricade walls can be used in:

  • Retail Settings
  • Airports
  • Concerts
  • Construction Sites
  • Festivals
  • Film Sets
  • Galleries
  • Malls
  • Museums
  • Disaster Relief Shelters
  • Startup Offices
  • Theatre
  • Trade Shows
  • Events and Parties
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Conventions
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

What Are Emagispace® Barrier Walls Made Out Of?

The precision-built EmagiBlock® platform is comprised of lightweight interlocking blocks, faced on both sides with eco-friendly, medium density fiberboard panels. Turnkey connectors, power outlets, doors, windows, trims, and custom finishes can then be added without all the waiting time associated with traditional building methods.

Event Planners Are Raving About Our Dividing Walls

Event planners use our building blocks as an easy way to construct entire experiences.  Everything from dividing walls that funnel and control crowds to a full  engaging event experience. Crowd control fence barriers of the past included velvet ropes, flimsy construction fencing, and ugly metal barricades. By contrast, sturdy barrier walls by Emagispace® can be easily branded, designed, and decorated in a variety of ways to make a lasting impact. Our open source platform allows you to source any finishing  you desire. Printed vinyl, gatorboard, canvas, decals… if you can imagine it, you can affix it. And, the walls can easily be re-skinned and re-purposed for future events.

Massive Emagispace® Barrier Wall Wows 70,000 Attendees at The Big Game

We love partnering with innovative companies to provide cost-effective solutions that deliver a big “wow” factor. Emagispace teamed up with Creative Graphics Services for the “Big Game” to provide 563 linear feet of wall, almost 2 football fields,  that served as barrier walls to help manager traffic flow at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

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