Art Gallery and Museum Walls

The challenge for galleries and museums today is to create an “eye popping” exhibit space that showcases artists’ work, attracts attention, and is simple to assemble and reconfigure. It has to be so cost effective that it increases the ability to change exhibits and do more with less. New ideas to keep Gallery footprints fresh, can make a huge difference in attendance, and increase revenue. It’s now possible to design AND refresh your exhibits and displays with a better, more affordable solution… to re-imagine your interior space… to build smarter.


Explore the images below to see how Emagispace® can help you create amazing display and interior spaces. And see what our clients are saying after using the system.

art gallery example 3
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Art Gallery Example
Forrest City Art Gallery
"Emagispace pulled off an incredible feat; our corner retail space went from cold shell firday mornign to humming art gallery by Saturday afternoon... by 7:30pm, close to 800 people had already visited the gallery."

Emagispace® allows you to design and build any type or size of display or exhibit you need from the gift shop to the exhibition walls. All with high quality, with less labor, less cost—AND it’s reusable, made with environmentally friendly materials.

Emagispace® utilizes a patented, kit-based, interlocking building system to create high quality solid walls, displays, active areas, even architecturally illuminated and interesting shelving that offers interactive points of interest with iPads, computers, and monitors. Additional kits give you the flexibility to create a private meeting area or block off and refresh your look within days– avoiding a painful remodeling period where you have to close down. MDF facings create a base for literally any skin design you desire.

Building a single wall or an entire exhibit can now be completed at half the cost and in one-tenth the set up time of a traditional build process. That’s 50% of the cost in one tenth the time! Additionally, Emagispace®’s simple, sturdy blocks can be quickly disassembled, stacked or palletized to move and reuse again and again. So your cost savings accumulate over time with the added benefit of landfill waste going down. It’s the next gen disruptive building technology for museum and gallery build-outs.

Forest City PDF

Forest City Case Study

See how Emagispace® stepped in to produce what traditional construction could not accomplish.


The growth value of Emagispace® is significant when used across a spectrum of gallery and museum applications. For example, you can start with easy to assemble solutions like gallery walls then add more value by creating displays or full gallery build-outs.