Our disruptive, next-generation modular building solution

Powered by patented EmagiBlocks, you can re-imagine what’s possible for the construction of interior space. EmagiBlocks are made of sustainable fiberboard panels and ABS interlocking blocks that connect to fit any space or scale. With our open system, you can utilize and customize spaces with a wide array of assembly components such as connectors, hinges, doors, windows, trim, and finishes. The EmagiBlock platform was created around the idea that building elegant, versatile interior space doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag, long lead times, difficult storage or materials that end up in a landfill.

Our easy building-block technology powers a streamlined building and redesign process

Limitless design and branding possibilities

Besides four standard finishes, our builds can be skinned and finished with almost any material and your custom branding and messaging.

standard finishes Choose from our ready to order color palette of decorative coverings.
Custom finishes Consult our design team for custom finishes.

Components make it easy to build your vision

Our easy to assemble components help bring your ideas to life with little effort. Containing complete instructions and all the parts you need, you can achieve dramatic results in a fraction of the time of traditional builds.

Build sustainably. Be environmentally responsible. The Emagispace platform is made from environmentally responsible materials. Unlike the landfill waste created by traditional construction methods, EmagiBlock can be reused multiple times and is 100% recyclable. “In the U.S. alone, an estimated 251 million tons of consumer solid waste is generated annually but less than a third is recycled or composed. And as much as 40 percent of this waste comes from construction projects, which produce a surplus of unused building materials.” -Earth911

Flexibility and functionality are built into every EmagiBlock

Each EmagiBlock is designed with horizontal and vertical channels that allow for easy placement of electrical and plumbing. For sound proofing the sides of an EmagiBlock can be sealed off and acoustic material blown in.

Open source building platform – create space without limitations

Our flexible building system intergrates with your existing components or structures. And, it is compatible with add-on features or fixtures including walls, doors, shelves and racks, video displays and interactive technology.