Reimagining how you can
build interior spaces.

Emagispace is a proven innovator in interior commercial space construction. Our disruptive, next-generation modular building solutions empower organizations to build better, faster, easier and more cost effectively, and in a sustainable way. Clients use our innovative product – essentially large, sturdy building blocks – to construct quality, customizable, reconfigurable, and movable structures that meet rapidly changing business space needs. Our kitted and custom solutions can be infinitely created, redesigned and repurposed in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional builds and with minimal labor and tools. Our open source solution integrates with existing structures and allows for addition of any add-on components such as windows, doors, and electrical/plumbing.

Our Vision

Enable the world to build better, faster, easier, and less expensively, and in a sustainable way.

Our Strategy

Emagispace is a high growth, entrepreneurial enterprise that is built to scale rapidly in products, verticals, and geographies, with fast speed to market and cost efficiency producing patented, quality products at margin with a high performance team and value-added business model that enable repeatable product success, deep market penetration, profitability, and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Emagispace was the brainchild of a multi-Emmy-award winning television director, writer and producer, Noel Maxam. With traditional construction, he was forced to throw out and re-build entire TV sets from scratch, using up precious time and money while creating tremendous waste. He grew frustrated with the expense, complexity, storage needs, and waste associated with building and tearing down sets.


Emagispace was created from the need for an innovative, flexible, and sustainable building system. And no one else has it – EmagiBlock proprietary building components and technology are protected by five patents.

Since launching in 2016, our highly scalable solutions have gained traction quickly. We’ve served more than 200 organizations across a wide range of applications including office workspace, events, retail, brands, construction, technology, and more. Notable clients include Facebook, the Super Bowl, Revlon, and Samsung, and most recently Google, Princess Cruise Lines, and Walmart. Our flexible configurations and components have limitless applications – transforming into office privacy rooms, co-working space, retail pop up shops, hospital relaxation rooms, trade show exhibits, storage units and much more.

Our goal to be a disruptor in interior construction has earned validation. We’ve been recognized as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company and as an Editors’ Choice in BUILDINGS Magazine’s Product Innovations Program.

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen!

Contact information

870 Commercial Lane, Palmer Lake, Colorado, 80133
Phone: 844-949-2557

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