You can easily create almost any modular wall configuration you can imagine using the EmagiBlock® system. Modular walls can be built to be freestanding or they can be connected and integrated with any existing wall. The EmagiBlock Wall System can be configured to be self-bracing, allowing for freestanding walls. ConnectorBlocks allow the blocks to just click into place; there is no cutting of wood and no expensive tools or special training required. A single person can set up or tear down a structure in 1/10th the time and effort of traditional construction.

In fact, we have a short video below that shows how to build a freestanding wall. It’s so quick — two people building a freestanding wall with EmagiBlock® modular wall systems can get the job done in less than four minutes. And in just a few more minutes, you could build adjoining walls and even cover the surfaces with skins, branding or advertising.


Made of impact-resistant ABS plastic used for the top and bottom of each EmagiBlock®

Simply invert the ConnectorBlocks to create a flat and level surface

A single person can set up a wall in minutes not hours

How to build a wall