The challenge for office buildouts today is to create a well-designed, “eye popping” space that attracts attention, is simple to ship and assemble, and so cost effective that it reduces turnover time and improves tenant retention. New ideas to keep office designs fresh, such as office partition walls and half walls, can make a huge difference and increase tenant satisfaction, decrease vacancy, and reduce opportunity costs. It’s now possible to design AND refresh your offices with better options and more affordably re-imagine your space to build smarter.

EMAGISPACE® allows you to design and build any type or size of structure you need, from desks and cubicle neighborhoods, to office partitions, to accent and privacy walls, to full conference rooms and offices with our kitted solutions.

All in any color or design pattern you can imagine, with less labor, less cost AND it’s reusable, made with environmentally friendly materials.


Explore the images below to see how Emagispace® can help you create amazing interior spaces.

Office conference room example
Modern office example
Office example with light maple wood finishing
office example with woodfinish

Emagispace® utilizes a patented, kit-based, interlocking building system to create high quality solid walls, desks and cubicles, even architecturally lit and interesting shelving.

Building private phone booth areas or an entire office build out can now be completed at half the cost and in one-tenth the set up time of a traditional build process. That’s 50% of the cost in one tenth the time! Additionally, the Emagispace® systems’ simple, sturdy EmagiBlock® can be quickly disassembled, stacked or palletized to move and reuse again and again. So your cost savings accumulate over time with the added benefit of landfill waste going down. It’s the next gen, disruptive building technology for office build-outs.


The growth value of Emagispace® is significant when used across a spectrum of office interior applications. For example, you can start with easy to assemble, quick solutions like pony walls then add more value by creating quiet rooms or full office build-outs.