Inspirational Office Design Ideas for a Cohesive Workplace

Office design ideas aren’t just about prettying up the workspace. It’s about creating a harmonious work environment that promotes focus and relaxation. This is especially crucial in industries marked by nonstop hustling and bustling. How can you design your office to fulfill both functional and aesthetic needs? If you’re at a loss for ideas, here are some inspirational design styles to consider.

1. Office Privacy Pods

Sure, there’s concern that staff may use the privacy to browse online material they’re not supposed to be looking at during work hours. The benefits, though, outweigh the cons. For the office, consider individual modular cubicles. For the lounge or open areas with separate meeting spaces, consider modular sofas. These are great for smaller meetings of two to four people.

Some of the more elaborate pods come in the form of an enclosed phone booth that also blocks out noise. These are nice additions that can be reserved for senior staff.

2. Create a Homey Office

Make the office a bit less “officey.” Yes, you’re in a professional work setting, but that doesn’t mean the office has to be overly formal with white walls and a generic office wall clock. Incorporate some homey elements to the space; include items you would expect to find in your living room or bedroom.

What can you add? Some ideas include:

  • Bean bag chairs for the lounge
  • Photos from company outings and holiday parties
  • Games, such as a dart board, foosball, or even gaming consoles
  • A traditional brick fireplace for the lounge

3. Change the Wall Colors

Generic white is uninspiring. Colors not only contribute to a more vibrant space, but studies also show that certain pigments actually influence the brain. A soft blue, for example, promotes stress reduction, making it easy for staff to stay relaxed when it gets hectic. Green has a similar effect.

A study from the University of Texas actually found that traditional office colors like white and gray amplify sadness and depression. These feelings are clearly not ideal if your goal is to promote work productivity.

4. Bring the Outdoors In

Adding a few plants here and there is a tried-and-true office design idea. Include some vines, or an indoor fountain with running water. You may choose to create an indoor garden – an especially effective feature for an open office space. Even if the garden isn’t directly in the work area, its presence bleeds into the space for an outdoor feel. Another idea is a giant aquarium; start out with some gold fish and at least one exotic fish.

Re-imagine Your Office Space

Is your workspace impeding your company’s creativity and efficiency? Personalize your office space so that it doesn’t feel so formal and industrial. By adding some creative flare, you bring life to the room, thereby boosting staff morale in the process.

Emagispace® office interior solutions allow you to create an eye-popping space that is cost-effective, easy to assemble and improves workflow. If you’re ready to revamp your office, give us a call!