How to Get Creative with Modular Retail

Getting ahead of the competition these days is all about establishing a presence. Yes, this entails a lot of social media work, but you still have to incorporate offline methods to drive consumer engagement. One way is through modular retail, or pop-up stores. This provides more visibility for you to showcase your brand to a … Continue reading “How to Get Creative with Modular Retail”

4 Retail Pop Up Store Success Stories

Modular retail solutions are enabling companies to promote their brand beyond their brick-and-mortar location. Pop-up stores, in fact, are utilized by businesses of all industries and sizes, from local mom-and-pop shops to national franchises. We understand some companies may still be on the fences about setting up a pop-up location. For the skeptical folks, consider … Continue reading “4 Retail Pop Up Store Success Stories”

3 Reasons To Use Fold-Away Retail Stores This Holiday Season

Fold-away retail stores, also referred to as pop-up shops, are the Olympics of commerce. All year, some online retailers plan their short-lived “brick-and-mortar” season, which typically begins and ends within a month. Far from a passing phase, modular retail now represents a monolithic $80 billion industry.   This year, online retailer Wayfair will be offering … Continue reading “3 Reasons To Use Fold-Away Retail Stores This Holiday Season”

How To Start Your Own Pop-up Retail Store

Pop-up shops are the retail world’s “Uber.” Despite the rising wave of ecommerce, the pop-up retail industry topped $50 billion last year. Designers, musicians, artists, and brands can use the here-one-day-gone-tomorrow model to touch consumers directly, generate enthusiasm, and boost sales considerably. Consider the wild success of luxury consignment shop The RealReal: NYC pop-up shoppers … Continue reading "How To Start Your Own Pop-up Retail Store"

Experiential Retail Guide: How To Create Better In-Store Experiences

Create stronger customer connections and boost your bottom line with these tips for improving in-store experiential retail.

4 Tips for Setting Up a Successful Pop-Up Store

Pop-up retail can be found everywhere these days, as it’s a relatively cost-effective way to launch a new product, glean insights into target audiences, spark interest, forge customer relationships, and of course, grow sales. From generating buzz to testing new concepts or locations, there are myriad benefits to opening a pop-up store. Just about every … Continue reading “4 Tips for Setting Up a Successful Pop-Up Store”

Connected Retail: The Future of Data Collection and Smart Pop-Ups

Connected retail experiences are driving the future of shopping. Here’s how to take advantage of current trends and tech to get ahead.

Small Storefront? Flexible Retail Design Can Maximize Space

Struggling to maximize space in your small storefront? Flexible retail design can take your shop to the next level even if you have a small footprint.

How a Multi-Sensory Retail Experience Can Boost Brand Awareness and Sales

Ready to take your multi-sensory retail experience to the next level? Take advantage of new tech to appeal to customers’ senses.

5 Affordable Ideas for Boutique Retail Design

  Whether you have a single store or a chain of stores, common challenges facing the boutique retailer are lack of space and budgetary constraints. Emagispace® offers smart boutique design solutions to overcome these hurdles and maximize sales. Here are five low-cost ways to make the most of boutique retail space with minimal effort. Whether … Continue reading “5 Affordable Ideas for Boutique Retail Design”