4 Tips for Setting Up a Successful Pop-Up Store

Pop-up retail can be found everywhere these days, as it’s a relatively cost-effective way to launch a new product, glean insights into target audiences, spark interest, forge customer relationships, and of course, grow sales. From generating buzz to testing new concepts or locations, there are myriad benefits to opening a pop-up store. Just about every successful pop-up, irrespective of industry or product, shares three key elements: unique ideas, a specific objective and meaningful interactions with customers.

Without question, some of the busiest pop-ups are in high foot-traffic areas — but finding the right space can be challenging. With this in mind, here are five important elements to setting up a pop-up store that is primed for success.


#1: Identify a location aligned with your needs

Busy outdoor spaces, shopping malls and retail centers capture foot traffic and a diverse audience. Some of these locations may rent kiosks or booths or allow you to set up your merchandise for a limited time in a vacated retail space. Opening a pop-up within an existing store is another popular option, and often entails a smaller financial investment. This affords a potential partnership opportunity and the ability to target the store’s existing shoppers.


#2: Develop an interactive experience

What kind of customer experience do you want to create? Beyond selling your merch, do you want to educate your customers, learn more about their needs, or test out new products for feedback?  Pop-ups are a terrific platform for engaging customers with new technology and hands-on experiences that make a lasting impression.


#3: Design a shop that fits the brand

Brand consistency is a big factor for engendering a sense of community, but pop-ups are also a good chance to take risks and get creative with your floor plan, decor, furniture, interior fixtures and merchandise displays. Whether you’re incorporating new technology or onsite amenities, the latest trend in retail design is relatively minimalist (but always memorable). A fun window display or cool backdrop for selfies will tap into social media and generate more interest.


#4: Create buzz with social media sharing

Develop a marketing strategy that builds buzz and drives traffic. Think about hosting a launch party, reaching out to local bloggers, running a contest, or offering special deals and limited-edition products. Create an events page on Facebook, partner with other on-brand sponsors and make good use of social media. Create a hashtag and engage on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Give your potential customers something to get excited about and a reason to visit your pop-up from day one.


Be agile with Emagispace®

Pop-ups are the new wave of retailing. The ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ aspect is like catnip to consumers who are driven by a sense of urgency. Emagispace® can help pop-up entrepreneurs stay agile with kit-based interlocking building systems that let you create a store-within-a-store in just a few hours. From innovative merchandise displays and solid walls to backlit shelving, this modular system is easy to set up and disassemble, saving you both time and money. Discover our cost-effective, customizable retail space solutions for pop-up stores.



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