Perfect Workplace Balance: The Link Between Privacy and Productivity

Privacy and productivity: How you can design space to promote quiet, productivity-boosting environments for your employees.

How to Cut Down on Sickness in the Workplace

Sickness in the workplace costs American employers a whopping $225.8 Billion a year. Employees who come into the office when sick (known as “presenteeism”) account for nearly two-thirds of the total costs of worker illness. About 75 percent of workers who do call in sick have a minor illness like a cold, flu, stomach upset, … Continue reading “How to Cut Down on Sickness in the Workplace”

4 Ways to Stay Focused in a Noisy Open Office

While countless studies have shown that open-office environments can stimulate your creative juices and promote brainstorming and collaboration with colleagues, they can also be a shy person’s nightmare – not to mention the arch enemy of anybody with a tight deadline or someone trying to write complicated code. Cramped desk spaces combined with constant chatter … Continue reading “4 Ways to Stay Focused in a Noisy Open Office”

3 Scientifically Proven Ways to Improve Office Productivity

Social media, life’s ups and downs, lack of sleep, health, and countless other factors get in the way of productivity in the office. However, science proves there are some factors you have control over that can go a long way in improving employee morale and productivity. Here at Emagispace, we specialize in helping business owners … Continue reading “3 Scientifically Proven Ways to Improve Office Productivity”

7 Epic Ways to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

Whether you work for an interior design firm, an investment house, a luxury hotel, or even a nonprofit, your organizations likely have one thing in common: you are always seeking the best talent that your payroll will afford. And while it’s easy to assume that the almighty dollar is what lures the most skilled and … Continue reading “7 Epic Ways to Attract Top Talent to Your Company”

Creating Mixed-Use Spaces: How to Modernize and Refresh an Open Office Plan

Moving away from an open office doesn’t have to be expensive and painful. Here’s how companies can create mixed-use spaces quickly, cheaply and effectively.

Privacy Pod or Meeting Room? How a Balanced Office Creates the Ideal Work Environment

Here’s how to design spaces that promote both collaborative and private work in a balanced office, creating a welcoming atmosphere that employees love.

Understanding The Modern Office: Modular Walls, Privacy Pods and Coworking Anywhere

Wondering what the workspaces of the future look like? Here are the ways that modular walls, coworking and privacy pods are changing the modern office as we know it.

The Advantages of a Call Pod in a Flexible Office Space

If you work for a medium- or large-size company, it’s likely you have someone working beside you, even across from you. While the open office space concept has its advantages, a major disadvantage is the distinct lack of privacy. The only real seclusion that you may get is in the form of dividers between desks, … Continue reading “The Advantages of a Call Pod in a Flexible Office Space”

Furniture Retailers and Designers Leading the Flexible Office Movement

Seeking to create a flexible office environment? Tune into the furniture retailers and designers creating desks, chairs and accessories fit for the job.