How to Pick the Right Phone Booth

There are just about as many office layout designs as there are home interior designs. The type of layout is pivotal for workplace productivity. More modern offices these days are opting for an open office layout. While this encourages more interaction and teamwork, it also creates less privacy. The key is to provide a balance … Continue reading “How to Pick the Right Phone Booth”

Soundproof Pods in an Open Concept Office Design

Most modern office designs seem to incorporate an open concept. Openness can create an airy and spacious feel, and also encourage collaboration and communication. Many office workers report that these benefits are lacking when they are confined within individual cubicles. With the open concept, however, also comes a lot of distraction in the form of … Continue reading “Soundproof Pods in an Open Concept Office Design”

Phone Pods are Changing the Office Landscape

Every company strives to create a work atmosphere that is conducive to happy, productive employees. To achieve this lofty goal, businesses need to plan office layouts that are highly adaptable – floor plans that accommodate both collaborative and solo work efforts. Open office environments have numerous benefits, making this trend one of the most popular … Continue reading “Phone Pods are Changing the Office Landscape”

Is an Open Floor Plan the Right Solution for Your Workplace?

It seems like offices everywhere are transforming overnight, as employers are opting to replace offices and cubicles with an open floor plan. Central to the change is the introduction of the acoustic office pod, a modular furniture solution that is essentially “a room within a room.” Accommodating one to two people, office pods eliminate the … Continue reading “Is an Open Floor Plan the Right Solution for Your Workplace?”

3 Ways an Office Privacy Pod Can Solve Productivity Challenges

Nearly three-quarters of all American employees now work in “open-plan” offices, which are thought to foster innovation and collaboration across multiple departments. The open-concept office layout first emerged in the 1950’s, rooted in the notion that a space without partitions would encourage open dialogue and teamwork. Over the past several decades, increasing numbers of companies … Continue reading “3 Ways an Office Privacy Pod Can Solve Productivity Challenges”

Stop Noise from Spoiling Your Open Office

A beautifully-designed office can be a strong selling point in recruiting and retaining employees. Today’s open workspaces certainly look unique and can make a strong statement about company culture, especially to prospective employees coming in for an interview. And while openness fosters creativity and collaboration at the workplace, there’s a downside, too:  noise and lack … Continue reading “Stop Noise from Spoiling Your Open Office”

Why Work Pods Are Here to Stay

Work pods are here to stay. As The Telegraph points out, “… young trendy companies and mobile workers have started a revolution that even the big corporates cannot ignore. Desks are being ripped out and replaced by sofas and work pods.” Most of us have inherited the traditional open office spaces that took the workplace … Continue reading “Why Work Pods Are Here to Stay”