How to Get Creative with Modular Retail

Getting ahead of the competition these days is all about establishing a presence. Yes, this entails a lot of social media work, but you still have to incorporate offline methods to drive consumer engagement. One way is through modular retail, or pop-up stores. This provides more visibility for you to showcase your brand to a live audience.


What Are Modular Retail Stores?

Modular retails are best described as miniature and mobile stores that can be set up and taken down within a few hours. They can be set up indoors or outdoors and can usually be manned by a single staff member. Modular retail shops can be an extension of the company’s main brick-and-mortar store. With the quick time it takes to assemble and dismantle a pop-up store, companies can easily transport them between locations for various events.


Various modular retail designs are available to suit various needs. Some appear similar to a mobile trailer; others look like an actual brick-and-mortar store – albeit on a much smaller scale. Companies are free to decorate the interior and exterior to suit their purpose.


Although meant for temporary use, some companies opt to include them as a permanent extension of their store. This is a viable solution for companies looking for a cost-effective way to create more usable space without expensive renovations to their main location.


Uses for Modular Retail Stores

Companies from all industries have made use of modular retail, including B2C and B2B sectors. What are some good applications for a pop-up shop? Consider these ideas:


  • It’s a more dynamic solution as opposed to, say, a small makeshift table set up
  • It’s great for industry-specific tradeshows
  • You can set it up right outside (or even inside) your store to promote a specific product
  • Set it up outside a busy mall or airport (with permission from the establishment)
  • Establish the modular retail as a gathering point for product demonstrations


Modular Retail Solutions for Creative Setup

Modular retail set-ups go beyond just a small transportable store. Many companies have developed more creative uses. Consider some of these out-of-box ideas:


  • For a trade show, set up some form of game that consumers can engage in return for promotional gear.
  • For mobile and gaming companies, set up playable demos.
  • Set up a family-friendly shop with free giveaways for children.
  • Set up a special section for selling and parting with discounted and second-hand items.
  • Aside from commerce use, some companies treat the miniature building as a portable office. In the same vein, others use it as a briefing or brainstorming room.


We Set Up Modular Retail Stores for All Industries

To take your company to the next level with a fold-away or pop-up shop, contact Emagispace for an innovative, affordable, endlessly reusable and eco-friendly modular retail setup. With an additional retail space, you have an affordable way to increase your brand awareness no matter the location.


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