Phone Pods are Changing the Office Landscape

Every company strives to create a work atmosphere that is conducive to happy, productive employees. To achieve this lofty goal, businesses need to plan office layouts that are highly adaptable – floor plans that accommodate both collaborative and solo work efforts. Open office environments have numerous benefits, making this trend one of the most popular design concepts in corporate settings. While incredibly cost-effective, open office spaces are marred by one glaring problem: a lack of private, quiet space when you really need to get work done.

There is no disputing the fact that open-concept offices help bridge inter-departmental gaps, boosting conversation among colleagues and increasing creativity. But without concrete walls or cubicle barriers, the amount of sheer noise can be incredibly distracting.

Phone pods are changing the office landscape

The Emagispace® phone pod is an innovative solution for this exact challenge. Small, easy-to-assemble, and portable, these personal privacy pods are a smart way to offer quiet zones within larger, multi-purpose spaces. Phone pods are sometimes known as privacy pods or phone booths. Whatever you decide to call them, they are changing the landscape of office design, creating key workspaces where people can concentrate without listening to their co-workers.

The genius design of phone pods makes them very effective in busy and especially loud office environments. Special acoustic panels drown out ambient sounds, giving employees a break from the background noise that can undermine one’s ability to focus on the task at hand.

Phone pods can be installed in any type of setting, without making changes to existing walls or investing big sums in costly remodeling. Just two people can assemble a phone pod in less than an hour, delivering the perfect antidote to noisy office distractions. Each unit features soft LED lighting, electrical ports and ventilation, along with rolling caster wheels for ease of movement.


A private zone for concentrated work

Ongoing research into office productivity and satisfaction rates points to the need for private work areas. According to one study published by the University of Sydney, roughly half of all employees polled in open-concept environments complained about the inability to concentrate due to sound pollution.

Even though we are inherently social beings, everyone has different tolerance levels for human interaction and ambient noise. Some people thrive in a more isolated, private atmosphere – a place where they are not constantly bombarded by phone conversations, banter between colleagues and other sounds that make up office chatter. Enter the phone pod – an oasis of peace snuggled smack-dab in the middle of a busy office.

Once inside this soundproof pod, the mind is no longer rattled by man-made sounds, ringing telephones or bleeping copy machines. They offer a place to work on demanding projects without interruption or distraction. Whether conducting an important video call or attempting to close a deal, these pods offer a comfortable work station where employees can focus, without others listening in or disrupting.

Transform your office with EmagiSpace

2018 is the year to make your office a smarter, more productive environment, and Emagispace® is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our space-saving phone pods and office solutions made from reusable and recycled materials.