How to Pick the Right Phone Booth

There are just about as many office layout designs as there are home interior designs. The type of layout is pivotal for workplace productivity. More modern offices these days are opting for an open office layout. While this encourages more interaction and teamwork, it also creates less privacy.

The key is to provide a balance between an open design with an element of privacy for individualized workspaces. This is something that can be accomplished with the addition of privacy pods, otherwise known as phone booths.

What Is an Office Phone Booth?

An office phone booth is an enclosed work area for a single person or small group. Phone booths take on various shapes and forms, and may also add to the overall design of the office space.

Phone booths can be found in the following designs and formats:

  • A standard, three-sided office cubicle with only a single opening for the entry
  • A three to four-person cubicle or focus room to be used as a lounge for small meetings
  • Modular or square-shaped pods for dividing the open space
  • A bench with a built-in wall enclosure
  • A privacy pod in the form of an actual phone booth, minus the phone of course
  • Pods with a retractable overhead covering
  • Pods for sleeping. Allowing staff to take power naps helps keep them energized and increases productivity.

More sophisticated pods may come with a door and/or sound-proof features.

How to Incorporate Privacy Pods

Emagispace® recommends phone booths and focus rooms for open office floor plans that require private nooks to conduct phone calls, focus, or meet privately. Also, the breakroom  or cafeterias a great place for one or two pods for staff that may wish privacy for personal phone calls.

Pods as a Design Element

Pods are just as aesthetic as they are functional. Modular pods, for example, provide contrast to traditional square or rectangular-shaped rooms. Place one in a corner or two to break up the sharp lines. Phone booth pods can add a creative and chic flair to any space.

Choose the Right Phone Booth with Emagispace®

The office isn’t just a room; it’s where your staff spends 40 hours of their week. Create an environment that boosts morale and productivity. Contact Emagispace to enhance your office with easy-to-assemble, cost-saving EmagiKit™ Privacy Pods.

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