Soundproof Pods in an Open Concept Office Design

Most modern office designs seem to incorporate an open concept. Openness can create an airy and spacious feel, and also encourage collaboration and communication. Many office workers report that these benefits are lacking when they are confined within individual cubicles.

With the open concept, however, also comes a lot of distraction in the form of excess noise and lack of privacy. This is where a sound proof phone booth may be a welcome addition to any workspace.

Why Open Offices Can Be Problematic

According to a study from Oxford Economic and Plantronics, millennials cite noise pollution as the most distracting aspect of an open office space. Less than half of the sampled poll takers indicated that their office was equipped to handle the constant noise barrage.

The origin of the noise comes from multiple sources, but most often it’s chatter from coworkers. This can be detrimental for optimizing work productivity.

What Is a Sound Proof Phone Booth?

In an office setting, a phone booth is a type of enclosed privacy pod. These come in various sizes, shapes, and designs, with some taking the form of an actual phone booth. Office phone booths may be designed for single use, or for a small group of around four people.

The booths may also be soundproof to filter out excess noise. This ensures an enclosed space for working in a peaceful and quiet environment. Furthermore, fellow staff will know not to disturb you with non-urgent matters, or attempt to engage in small talk.

In most office phone booth models, the interior is made from acoustic panels to ensure that noise does not filter through. Essentially, the interior is similar to the interior of a recording booth. This gives you a quiet environment much like you would expect in a library.

Using Phone Booths in Office Spaces

When you invest in soundproof phone booths for the office, you allow staff instant access to a little peace and quiet. The booths may be reserved for staff working on high-stakes projects, or taking phone calls from high-profile clients.

Other places to locate a privacy pod include the lounge, breakroom, or even in an outdoor garden, if your office has one.

Aside from being soundproof, the booths also come with other notable features, such as overhead LED lighting, a height-adjustable desk, and enough space to accommodate most types of office chairs.

Invest in a More Productive Office Environment

In the office environment, each staff member is there to contribute to a common business objective. It’s hard for employees to be at the top of their game when the environment is a distraction. A soundproof phone booth provides a solution without sacrificing the generally beneficial open office layout. Contact Emagispace® today to enhance your office with one or more noise-proof privacy pods.

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