3 Ways an Office Privacy Pod Can Solve Productivity Challenges

Nearly three-quarters of all American employees now work in “open-plan” offices, which are thought to foster innovation and collaboration across multiple departments. The open-concept office layout first emerged in the 1950’s, rooted in the notion that a space without partitions would encourage open dialogue and teamwork. Over the past several decades, increasing numbers of companies have embraced the concept of open office environments shared by personnel.  It is certainly true that open-concept offices have several advantages, including greater flexibility and lower costs tied to construction and furniture. However, open plans can also pose serious challenges in the areas of privacy and the need for a quiet place to work that is free of distractions.

Research has shown that exposure to noise pollution leads to decreased cognitive performance, regardless of age. Even Millennials, who are accustomed to a frenetic, multi-tasking environment, have reported that ambient sounds like talking and laughter hamper their concentration. Noisy, high-traffic environments can undermine productivity and be a virtual nightmare for many employees, which is where the office privacy pod comes into play.

Privacy Pods – A Solution to Open Office Plans

Office privacy pods are among the biggest trends in modern workplace design. Imagine creating a micro-environment within a larger one: a mini sound-proof room with nothing more than some modular panels or blocks, if you will, that are easily assembled and dismounted.  Also known as office phone booths, privacy pods are styled to look much like old-style phone booths and are a less formal and more economical alternative to traditional conference rooms or private offices.

Privacy pods are literally popping up in offices across the country, providing a cost-efficient solution to productivity challenges so common in open-configuration spaces. The pods are easy to assemble and relocate in a variety of settings and offer an instant physical divide and an oasis of quiet.

Privacy pods are a great complement to collaborative, open-plan co-working offices, and combat lost productivity by:

  1. Providing instant privacy for concentrated work away from ambient chatter
  2. Giving workers a quiet distraction-free booth to conduct private calls/video conferences and perform tasks that require focused attention
  3. Increasing workspace satisfaction, which in turn increases workflow (noise and loss of privacy cited as leading causes of workspace frustrations)

Office Privacy Pod Features

Privacy pods are an effortless fit in open-plan offices, and their sleek, adaptable design ensures they can be assembled, and easily moved, wherever a private, silent area is needed.

Features include:

  • Interior acoustic panels
  • Soft LED lighting
  • Caster wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Work surface with USB ports & outlet
  • Excellent ventilation with quiet exhaust fan
  • Easy assembly – no special skills or tools needed

Innovative Office Privacy Solutions

If a lack of privacy has hindered creativity and productivity in your workspace, an office privacy pod by Emagispace offers an easy, affordable solution. Our sound-proof privacy pods are made from high-quality, sustainable materials and can be assembled in less than an hour. And, the delivery time is a fraction of other providers.

Give your staff a quiet place where they can concentrate without disruption and watch productivity rates soar. Learn more about Emagispace privacy pods and office solutions.

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