7 Epic Ways to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

Whether you work for an interior design firm, an investment house, a luxury hotel, or even a nonprofit, your organizations likely have one thing in common: you are always seeking the best talent that your payroll will afford.

And while it’s easy to assume that the almighty dollar is what lures the most skilled and savvy employees, that is, in today’s political parlance, “fake news.”  The truth is, potential employees look for a lot more than just money and perks on the job — the intangibles count as well.

First and foremost, employers should look to create a welcoming workplace environment that encourages focus, creativity and inclusiveness. Too much noise in your open office space? Install a privacy pod from Emagispace to show your employees — both current and prospective — that you respect their individuality and want to do everything in your power to help them keep the great ideas flowing.

Here are seven other effective and creative ways to attract the best and brightest to your company.

1. Open Your Doors.

Plan an open house at your local office or a job fair with other organizations in your city. Create a fun way for potential employees to interact with you and get to know what your company does. Share something the general public would not normally know about the company. Interactive and hands-on learning is attractive to all walks of life. Example: A new hotel in New Orleans hosted a Gumbo Cook-Off with celebrity chefs sponsored by the local chapter of the United Way. It set the tone for the community’s perception of the property.

2. Get Off the Grid.

Invite top candidates to build a rapport with your team in person, not just online. So many companies try to create their online presence via likes or a cutting-edge website. While that is important, opt to go non-conformist — find a way to invite prospects to volunteer in the community, attend forums and  ENGAGE with them. Be an influencer in your own backyard.

3. Be a Vehicle for Change.

It’s not all about the bucks – people want to feel that they are making a difference.  Cases in point: companies offer a bonus week (or weeks) of vacation where employees have the opportunity to go and work for a charity of their choice. Want to install fresh water wells in Haiti? Done. Teach at an orphanage in China? We’ve got your back. The important thing here is to give them the choice.

4. Alumni Matter.

Court employees who left on good terms. What would it take for them to come back? A better opportunity? Greater responsibility? More $$$? Put your pride aside and ask the hard questions – and don’t just delegate to Human Resources staff to do it.

5. Hire People Smarter Than You.

Encourage your workforce to be on the lookout for people who have the skills, training and experience that will effectively enhance and expand your team’s capabilities. Provide rewards for staff members who recruit new employees.

6. Help Build the Company that Makes You Proud.

Let’s face it – employers of choice treat people well. It begins with a give-and-take interview process in which candidates are respected and informed at every step. Once hired, it extends to fair policies, consistently applied, and benefits that reflect the type of employee you want to attract. The Golden Rule is key here: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

7. Be Nice.

Kindness always works. Kindness works in customer service and it works in relation to attracting and retaining talent. 401Ks and dental/vision can be matched, but compassion is becoming increasingly rare. How would your interviewees answer this question: Does this company care about me? Think about it.

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