The Pop-Up Mindset: How to Apply Flash Retailing Practices to Other Industries

  Interested in the success of pop-up stores and flash retail? Here’s how to apply these flexible, data-rich solutions to industries beyond retail.   But why exactly are pop-ups so popular, and how can other industries take advantage? Read on to learn more about this interesting and effective sales model, and how it can apply … Continue reading “The Pop-Up Mindset: How to Apply Flash Retailing Practices to Other Industries”

Why Pop-Up? The Case for Soft Launching Your Brick-and-Mortar Store

Digital brands can win big by opening offline sales channels, but that route isn’t easy. That’s where soft launching with pop-up shops can make a difference.

Furniture Retailers and Designers Leading the Flexible Office Movement

Seeking to create a flexible office environment? Tune into the furniture retailers and designers creating desks, chairs and accessories fit for the job.

Impact of Retail Store Design

Good retail store design optimizes physical space in the most efficient, eye-catching manner to drive sales. Some experts liken its impact to that of a great, but invisible, salesperson. Even when staff are occupied, the store has the appeal to draw in customers and sell merchandise all on its own. If you’ve ever wondered why … Continue reading “Impact of Retail Store Design”

8 Steps to a Great Retail Store Layout

From floor plans that stimulate traffic flow, to optimum product placement, every decision regarding your retail store layout is critical to your success as a merchant. Emagispace® provides this handy checklist to help guide you through the retail interior design process. Decide on a floor plan There are generally three types of retail floor plans: … Continue reading “8 Steps to a Great Retail Store Layout”