Impact of Retail Store Design

Good retail store design optimizes physical space in the most efficient, eye-catching manner to drive sales. Some experts liken its impact to that of a great, but invisible, salesperson. Even when staff are occupied, the store has the appeal to draw in customers and sell merchandise all on its own. If you’ve ever wondered why you want to spend inordinate amounts of time (and money!) in one store, but are eager to depart another, a lot may be attributed to its interior aesthetics, culture, displays and décor – highlighting the impact of smart design.

Emphasize brand identity

Retail design is much more than a pleasing physical layout with cool furniture and bright displays: it’s a means of immersing customers in the full brand experience. Think of successful brands like Apple. Their retail stores are not only physically engaging, with merchandising displays strategically placed, they are selling a complete experience and telling their brand’s story. Apple’s iconic stores use cool tones, clean lines and modern, minimalistic furniture that mimics the look and feel of their products.

Another prime example of aesthetic branding through retail store design is the popular clothing and home decor chain, Anthropologie. When you enter one of their stores, you can almost feel what their products are all about, simply by the look of the surroundings. As you walk on rustic hardwood floors and past reclaimed folk-art pieces, you are drawn into a space that is boho-chic and elegant all at once. And just like that, you are immersed in a certain mindset that emphasizes brand identity.

Create a path to sales

Beyond creating an immersive experience, retail design can be used to encourage customers to browse, and ultimately purchase, more products. You want to entice customers with a comfortable, yet engaging environment that has great lighting, fixtures, flooring, music and furniture. An eye-popping window display gets them in the door, and it’s been well-documented that 9 out of 10 people will instinctively turn right after entering. The first retail display, fixture or wall they see sets the tone and has the ability to make a big impression. For this reason, many retailers opt to showcase seasonal or special merchandise in this area.

A lot of designers will suggest a circular or meandering path that moves on from this space, allowing maximum exposure to merchandise. Attention-grabbing displays are often placed at the end of aisles, while some stores are famous for their “product outposts” that encourage impulse buys as you are about to check out.

Design a comfortable retail store environment

Interior décor, lighting and layout can be inspiring or forgettable. Your store can also be designed to make customers feel relaxed and at ease. Wide, clutter-free aisles assure that customers never have to worry about bumping into another shopper or accidentally knocking products off the shelves. Providing soft chairs or benches is an easy way to accommodate larger groups, giving a comfy place to sit and lounge while others browse.

Creating a comfortable atmosphere also helps encourage customers to spend more time in your store.

Innovative retail display ideas

Fortunately, you don’t need an expansive budget to liven up your retail space and gain a competitive edge. Using the Emagispace® kit-based building system, you can create appealing retail displays, shelving and interior spaces that can be changed and re-used again and again. Try out different retail display ideas to see what you – and your customers – like best. With our easy platform, you can tweak, add or completely change your retail design in a matter of hours.

Our retail store design solutions let you build any type of display you want, in various finishes, with less cost and labor.