8 Unique Ideas for Your Office Accent Wall

Accent walls are a quick, inexpensive way to completely transform an office space from bland to inspiring. If you can dream it, Emagispace can help you do it. Our versatile walls can be wrapped in any color paint, any texture, and any pattern you can imagine. It’s amazing the difference a pop of color or pattern can do for your brand identity, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

How to start thinking about unique ideas for your office accent wall

You can add dimension and style to any room with accent walls. There are many design approaches. Some people start with a vibrant color they love, or one that matches their brand identity.

Accent walls can be used to highlight unique architectural features in the workspace or draw the eye to a space that otherwise goes unnoticed. Positioned behind the front desk, it can welcome people to the office.  They can also be used as room dividers to create more private team spaces.

Bring that dull workspace to life. You may choose to start with the colors you already have in the office – such as pairing a chocolate brown accent wall with soft mocha walls – or you may choose to add boldness by pairing a bright color juxtaposed by white walls.

Opposing colors of the Color Wheel, like cool blue and warm orange, can look classic, while adjacent colors like blue and green mix well together. Consider using a warm accent color at the end of a hall to make the walk appear shorter, or use a cool accent color to trick the eye into viewing a small space as a bit larger.

Here are a few designs likely to drive positive impact and change in your office environment.

Spruce up your space with wild walls that showcase company personality.

Last year INC Magazine did a feature about how some of “the world’s coolest offices” were using wild, wacky wallpapers to make their workspaces more interesting. For instance, Sunnyvale, California’s LinkedIn office features a “People Wall” where employees color or write notes to unwind. Paperless Post’s New York office has a zany red zebra wall in one of the conference rooms to reflect their love of handcrafted designs and colorful designs.

Add a touch of class with herringbone. It’s easier than you think.

This beautiful herringbone pattern wall is featured in a living room, but wood accent walls are also very popular in office spaces. Wooden walls work well for businesses who believe in sustainability or who have a rustic, outdoorsy design aesthetic in general. If you want an office that is as far from austere and impersonal as possible, then a wood pattern is the way to go!

Bedazzle with tile on a tight budget.

Glass tile accent walls are completely stunning and featured in many upscale restaurants and hotels nowadays. There are limitless options for tiling with glass, but you can also achieve the look of a sleek tile accent wall on a budget by wrapping an Emagispace® wall in peel-and-stick tiles that are just as elegant to the eyes.

Make a small space look big with minimalist design and a bright accent wall.

Modern minimalist design works especially well with vivid accent colors. The bright wall adds a sense of energy and comfort to an otherwise austere room. A bright color makes the focal wall appear larger to complement a small space. Match the chairs to the accent wall and the desks to the white walls for a cohesive look. Use lighting to further emphasize the dramatic accent color, or take advantage of natural lighting to brighten up the mood and enhance productivity.

Use accent walls to create a cozy, welcoming sense of privacy and place.

We love the use of accent walls in cozy, informal meeting nooks. Many workers think best in a relaxed environment, where they can have a cup of coffee and focus without distraction. The Financial Engines Offices in Overland Park, Kansas built this intimate work space (scroll all the way down), matching the blue of their logo to ottomans and the new accent wall. Of course, the company coffee mugs match, too!

Use your accent wall to inspire.

Who says an accent wall has to be a blank canvas? Use inspirational messages on accent walls to capture the attention your employees and clients the moment they walk through the door. This type of accent wall is particularly ideal for a front lobby entryway or a waiting room.

Green up your office space for a breath of fresh air.

Living green accent walls are spreading to create unconventional spaces. The Sonos offices in Boston, Massachusetts demonstrated that they can think outside the box to deliver a wall that brings the inspiration of natural beauty inside. The end result is a creative, inspiring space where people don’t feel so confined.

Get your accent wall up by next week!

There’s no need to wait to make your office a more inviting, inspiring place to work. Emagispace® offers DIY EmagiKit Accent Walls with easy assembly – no tools or experience necessary. The walls can be put up, taken down, or moved, as your office needs evolve. You pick the finish, we’ll provide the wall.