Wood Accent Wall Ideas to Enhance Your Office Space

The aesthetics of your workspace have a larger impact than you might think. Office design, color, and finishes speak to your company’s workplace culture and sense of style. They can also provide a source of inspiration, livening up an otherwise mundane environment. Designers have historically relied on accent walls to solve a range of issues, from breaking up overwhelming spaces and adding privacy, to highlighting a specific focal point in a room.

Accent walls are an easy solution for injecting character and bringing visual appeal to your office. They can be used for a variety of purposes and, given their low price tag, truly offer more value for your decorating dollar.

Whether you want to accentuate unique architectural features, create an instant reception area, add a feature display, or create an extraordinary focal point, accent walls are a powerful yet cost-effective tool for interior office design.

Reclaimed wood accent walls for the office interior

By definition, an accent wall is purposely designed to add dynamics to a room. They provide a blank template to feature colors, textures, patterns or skin finishes that are different from, yet complement, neighboring walls. Of all the possibilities available for both residential and commercial applications, wood has always been on-trend.

Reclaimed wood accent walls have a warm, natural look that adds a sense of elegance to any office space. Unlike other types of materials used in decor, wood complements just about any interior, lending a chic and vintage appeal.

The beauty of the accent wall is that it can transform an open-plan office in a matter of minutes, adding character as it draws attention.

Best of all, you don’t need a big budget or specialized tools to create an eye-catching look. EmagiKit™ Accent Walls are a fraction of the cost of traditional construction and boast a stunning reclaimed wood finish in subtle earth-tone hues.

Not certain about the best location for a new accent wall? With our easy-to-assemble accent wall kits with optional casters, you have the flexibility of moving and re-using this feature again and again.

Besides making a great impression on your clients, ramping up your office environment a notch can help productivity and creativity among staff.

Add character to your workspace

Emagispace® gives you many stylish ways to customize your office space in a sustainable and affordable way. Breathe new life into your interior design with our sophisticated accent walls in a vintage wood finish — just one of our innovative office solutions.

Thinking about an office redesign or build-out? Emagispace wants to help you build smarter, with less cost and time.

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