BISNOW Talks Walls With Emagispace

Bisnow Article

People believe that modular design could be the future of interior buildouts and tenant improvements. Emagispace is a Los Angeles-based modular design company that launched a modular building block system. Emagiblocks allows for personal customization and design. The new Emagiblocks use modular panels and very few tools are then required for the moveable walls. It takes the company a fraction of the time to complete a build out with Emagiblocks.


Emagiblocks are packed and shipped in a 10-by-10 flat package and can fit in almost any trunk and closet. After Noel Maxam, CEO and founder, saw the waste of theatre sets getting torn down and broken after each set, he saw a need for something new. Emagiblocks are a sustainable design and have many different uses.


Sony and Revlon are some of Emagispace’s current customers. Emagispace recently received $4.2 million in Series A funding. With that money, the company will continue to grow and make a larger product line.


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