Exhibitor Shares Insight on Emagispace’s Partnership with Screen Gems

Emagispace recently teamed up with Screen Gems in a film called Proud Mary. The film used the company’s EmagiBlocks as 20-foot wall set backdrops for Benny’s office and Mary’s apartment – scenes within the movie. The Emagiblocks enable companies like Screen Gems to eliminate waste by reconfiguring the blocks for additional sets, films and purposes.


“At Emagispace, we have a passion for providing our customers with innovative solutions, and with Screen Gems, given its focus on a greener world, it makes sense they chose EmagiBlocks on their Proud Mary set,” said Noel Maxam, founder and CEO of Emagispace. “Creating sustainable products is at the top of our priority list, and production teams, like Screen Gems, realize the importance for the film industry to invest in re-useable solutions.”

For more information on the partnership and how your company can use Emagiblocks like Screen Gems, click here for the article on the Exhibitor website.