The Gazette Talks Building Blocks With Noel Maxam

The Gazette Article


The Gazette featured Emagispace in an article written about their set up, what went into getting where they are today, and their plans for the future. Clark and Noel Maxam have worked together to create a sustainable design, adaptable products, and a modular wall system.

“I had to build a bar for a set and couldn’t afford to do that on the budget we had, so I set the scene in the basement of a bar and used a stack of empty beer boxes to reflect that,” Noel Maxam said. “I didn’t know if then, but it was a germ of an idea. Much later, I started looking at the idea of putting up sets myself and thought ‘why not have building blocks for adults?'” Maxam has been working on this idea for the past 25 years.  Once he had the design, Maxam and a former UCCS colleague figured out how to create the connections between the panels using their fiberboards to make a stable and durable, temporary wall component.

Clark found Little Colorado, a Denver manufacturing company that agreed to manufacture the wood panels. A company in Los Angeles makes the plastic interconnecting components and together they have a working building block system! The company officially took off in 2013 when the Maxam brothers got the patent for their idea. It has taken Noel a while to get where he is today, but his hard worked has paid off.

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