IndieWire Shows Off Sony’s Step Towards Sustainability

Indie Wire Article


Sony’s Screen Gems started using smaller and cheaper cameras to make bigger movies. Sony just announced that its new horror film “Cadaver” will be shot with a Sony s7 II that costs $3,000. Sony claims that the S7 camera is perfect because “it allows us opportunities we might not otherwise get.”

Screen Gems decided to go eco-friendly on their cadaver. They now use Emagispace’s eco-friendly, sustainable design building block system to construct their sets. However, the environmental consciousness was not the only reason they decided to use Emagispace. “Emagispace allowed us to build 20-foot set walls in half the time of traditional lumber-based sets, and then save the building blocks for future productions,” said Gainor. “So in essence, the walls went up in half the time and cut waste by about 50%. It was a win-win.”

Many companies are starting to find ways to make their products and productions more efficient. Emagispace offers a lot for sustainable, adaptable and reusable interior design builds and can create temporary walls in a short amount of time. Read more about our feature in IndieWires articles here: