This Startup Just Raised $4.2M So You Can Build Your Workspace Block-by-Block

LA TechWatch Interview


Emagispace created a sustainable design that allows one to recreate any space with adaptable walls for a fraction of the price and time. Emagispace raised $4.2 million in funding for their startup company to launch their modular wall system. CEO and founder, Noel Maxam, explains that it is all about finding the right investors who are truly passionate about what you do. In an interview with LA TechWatch, Maxam described what went into the first steps of receiving funding and where he sees the company going in the future.

Once you purchase the blocks, you are then able to purchase other skins. The skins allow you to change your design in almost any way you want. For example, you can add an accent wall to spice things up!

Emagispace hopes to change the way you approach your next project. Whether you want to redesign your office or retail display, Emagispace can help. From easier construction to targeting almost every audience, you are sure to find a use for the Emagiblocks modular wall system. Maxam claims the funding process was “very seamless!” and he discusses tips about receiving funding so other companies can achieve the same.

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