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Our modular construction company, Emagispace, recently raised $4.2 million in Series A funding led by Alpha Edison and later accompanied by a few others. We manufacture building blocks that can be used to build interior gallery system art displays, cubicle walls, tradeshow displays, living spaces and much more!

Noel Maxam, founder and CEO, first thought of the idea while he was building store sets for a film school. He came across some complications but partnered with an MIT engineer to manufacture blocks that were sustainable and durable. The modular wall system is made of fiberboard panels made out of sawdust, wood chips and recycled newspapers. Emagispace also offers different styles of the Emagiblocks. You can have a privacy pod, an accent wall, or the regular Emagiblock!

There are currently 12 full-time employees working for our company and we are quickly growing! Learn more about our recent venture here: