New Modular Block Construction Company Raise $4.2 Million Funding


CEO and founder of Emagispace, Noel Maxam, recently steered away from the production world to launch a modular wall system company. Maxam teamed up with an MIT engineer to produce a sustainable design that met his measurements and durability tests. His goal was to create temporary walls, and something that is adaptable and has the ability to change the look with interchangeable “skins.”


The module fiberboard panels are made of sawdust, recycled newspaper, wood chips, and featherweight ABS plastic for better connections to interlock the blocks. . These modular wall systems are currently being used in convention halls, office spaces, living spaces, college theatres, tradeshow displays and so much more.


Other than the affordable price tag on the Emagiblocks, Emagispace has a lot to offer. Just recently, we’ve received $4.2 million in funding that was led by Alpha Edison. Maxam had a goal in mind when leaving production and got what he wanted! Read more to see what has gone into Emagispace.