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CEO and founder, Noel Maxam, explains how he went from the Hollywood scene to modular office designs in an interview with The Tradeshow News Network. An Emmy award-winning director of over 3,500 television hours, Maxam, has created a company to transform your office space, retail display, art display panels, TV sets, as well as tradeshow displays.

Since a young age, he has always had a knack for building, starting with creating sand castles and playing with Legos. Maxam saw a need for temporary walls when he needed to make budget cuts to maintain quality on the screen. He had a vision of creating a sustainable design in which you were able to separate the “skin” from the structure so that you have the option of changing the configuration down the line.

So, you’re probably wondering how someone goes from 20 years in the TV/production world to creating a modular wall system. Maxam dives into the answers of how he got started in this business, the life span of his products, his experience in the trade show industry, how to build a temporary wall and so much more.

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