Taking Los Angeles By Storm

Los Angeles Business Journal

Brothers, Noel and Clark Maxam co-founded Emagispace in 2015. Emagispace is a modular wall system that Noel created after years of frustration with studio budgets. Maxam never understood why sets were discarded after one or two uses and felt like it was a waste of money and time. Originally, Emagispace was a temporary wall idea for film and television productions, but it is now growing.


Emagispace started off by being self-financed by the Maxam brothers, but recently received $4.2 million in Series A funding. Emagispace currently operates in downtown LA with manufacturers all over the United States. Emagispace has also moved on from just television and film sets. It targets a range of businesses including office space, retail, art display panels as well as tradeshow displays.


Alan Reay, president of Atlas Realty Group says prefabrication spaces are growing. “The concept of movable walls is interesting. I can definitely see this picking up speed in the meeting space and conference room areas,” said Reay. The Emagiblocks currently come in three sizes and are $15.50 a square foot. Maxams goal is to offer more to all potential clients.


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