TechCrunch Interviews CEO Noel Maxam

Tech Crunch Article

Most people play with building blocks as a child, but usually outgrow them quickly. Noel Maxam, CEO and founder of Emagispace, did not outgrow building blocks. In fact, he created a company that evolves around the building block system. He created an interior modular wall system company that uses building blocks to take the ease and stress off building that perfect interior design. Techcrunch recently interviewed Maxam on the recent funding his company received.


Maxam was producing soap operas at a film school when the idea came to him. He was frustrated with the difficult process of moving and building large and irregular sets. He then moved forward with his idea and received a patent. After that Maxam said, “Things just snowballed.” Right now, Sony and Maker Studios are using his Emagiblock system for their film sets. But that is not the only use of them: they can also be used for retail shops, trade show displays, office partitions, and so much more.


Emagispace has been in use by some companies for about two years. The price is $15.50 per square foot, but Maxam says they do make deals based on volume. They currently have 12 full-time employees, with representatives in states all over the United States. There are two different offerings of the Emagiblocks because some people do want to build out and use their own decorations.


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