3 Flexible Office Solutions We Love

Employers are always looking for more ways to create flexible office solutions that help them transform their space to suit their business needs. Initially, an open layout may be conducive to onboarding new employees and fostering the spirit of collaboration, but as the business grows, this same environment can become challengingly noisy. Perhaps the large groups are breaking down into smaller, task-oriented groups who need their own workspace.

Not surprisingly, many business owners start looking at local real estate prices once they see the costs associated with office renovation. According to the Sweeten Blog, you could reasonably expect to pay over $100-$150 per square foot to renovate an older building the way you want it. The services of an architect alone could set one back $40,000. Contractors priced out one actual 5,500 square foot remodel at $385,250.

There is good news for new upstart companies, though. The business can stay where it is, but shift from the open layout to a more adaptable, creative space at a small fraction of the cost! Emagispace® is on the leading edge of these functional, flexible office spaces.

Along with a more fluid environment that adapts and grows effortlessly with your business, you can expect increases in productivity, significantly lower office design costs, happier employees, and a better overall work environment.

Take a look at a few of the ways we’re transforming the traditional open layout office into a multipurpose powerhouse.

#1 – Accent wall doubles as an idea board for the team

Emagispace walls can be wrapped in any way. The chalkboard wall cover is a popular choice for its functionality. In this age where there’s always a smartphone or computer screen in our faces, it can be a relief for the eyes and mind to go back to basics with notes on an old-school blackboard or hanging white board.

In smaller firms, leaving quick notes on the accent wall can be an easy way to touch base with key people at the start of the day or following a break.

More playful companies filled with artists can encourage employees to decorate the wall with inspirational art or sayings that change periodically.

#2 – Pop-up conference room used for video calls, interviews, and think tank operations

A quiet space is sometimes needed to take a quick video conference call, or to conduct a small, task-focused meeting. It’s not always convenient for upper level management to be so far from the main floor. A pop-up conference room lets those in charge keep a pulse on the floor, while also providing a quieter spot to converse. One needn’t be completely tucked away in a corner box or room down the hall. Perhaps a new candidate is coming in to interview, and it would be nice to be situated in a place within full view of the day-to-day operations. Small conference spaces from Emagispace can pop up anywhere the company needs them to provide a different sort of space as the moment presents itself.

#3- Hybrid offices with better lighting, sound, shelves, and plants

The concept of a hybrid office that mixes private offices, rows of collaborative cubicles, and quiet privacy pods is the next-generation office space. Emagispace easily divides an open room into communal areas, group work centers, and soundproof “hotels” that employees can book for a few hours each day when they need to get down to business. Employees are happier when they have the autonomy to move between spaces throughout the day.

We can easily and inexpensively add charging stations, electrical outlets, and sound systems to play music or white noise. Our unique interlocking building system can be outfitted with architectural lighting, shelving, or plants to add further ambiance that totally redesigns the work environment without the cost of interior designers. Contact us to learn more about Emagispace® flexible office solutions.

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