3 Trending Office Design Ideas

Office design ideas have changed considerably over the past decade, with greater awareness placed on interior design that is comfortable, adaptable and supports the growing needs of businesses and their employees.

Successful companies understand the inherent value of the office space as a professional tool. Businesses around the globe have done away with inefficient layouts and single-task desks in favor of office design that caters to the people, not just the work they perform. Studies have shown that poor workplace design is associated with greater stress and conflict among employees, which in turn reduces happiness and overall performance.

Trending office design ideas

In the world of office design, current trends in the market are embracing:

  1. Flexible layouts that enable companies to expand and contract when needed
  2. Multi-purpose spaces
  3. More focus on integrated technology

Office furniture that adapts

A well-planned workspace must be able to change seamlessly according to the task at hand.

Part of creating a flexible office layout is using components and furniture that can be moved and changed without significant cost or labor. Pony walls, privacy pods, meet point tables, modular breakout furniture, privacy panels and dividers can all support a high performance and fully adaptable interior office design.

Multi-purpose office spaces

The drive for multi-purpose spaces in the office is influenced by our natural social tendencies. Similar to activity-based workspaces, where employees have a choice of settings for work activities rather than being tied to one desk, multi-purpose spaces offer more freedom in the office.

These areas are entirely versatile and can be used for a variety of work or social functions, such as a private conference room or a breakroom area where people can relax and interact. In addition, these hybrid areas can serve as focal points where people can meet, brainstorm and exchange ideas.

Multi-purpose spaces can easily be incorporated into an open plan design, being used for presentations in the morning and social gatherings in the afternoon.

Technology integration

Mobile and wireless technology has revolutionized nearly every facet of our lives, and now plays a major role in office design.  Cloud-based storage frees up significant floor space, and allows for a more open office layout where files may be accessed from multiple mobile devices.

Power points and chargers are discreetly embedded inside desks, seats and separation walls, making work areas more efficient and collaborative.

As wireless devices continue to get smaller and smarter, more businesses are redesigning their office space with intelligent touch screens, and high-tech gadgets that promote efficiency and productivity.

Employee Benefits of Smart Office Design

There are several employee benefits to a well thought out office space. A smart office design, with flexible workspaces, collaborative breakout rooms, and private areas for downtime can help support:

  • Employee morale and engagement
  • Better communication and teamwork among staff
  • Increased workplace productivity
  • Inspiration and creativity
  • Overall health and happiness

Emagispace office interior design

If you’re looking to build a smarter office interior that engages employees and creates a more productive, healthy environment, Emagispace can help you achieve your goals quickly and without a major capital investment. Whether you want to incorporate a new cubicle neighborhood, a Privacy Pod, or transform your workspace with a complete office build out, our EmagiBlock platform and DIY EmagiKits are affordable, easy-to-assemble and disassemble as your business evolves and priorities change.

This revolutionary building system is made with 100% recyclable, environmentally sustainable materials that can be repurposed and used time and time again!

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