5 Eye-Popping Distressed Wood Accent Wall Ideas For The Office

Thoughtful, subtle use of color is the key to the ideal office space design, and that’s precisely where an office accent wall comes in handy. Emagispace offers a variety of unique, eye-popping wood accent wall ideas for your workplace that are easy to assemble, mobile, and budget-friendly. Transform your office (or any space) today with these inspiring accent walls from Emagispace.

The office accent wall trend

An accent wall is a great way to add color and personality without dominating your entire office space. Research shows colors can impact employee perception, productivity levels, moods, and attitudes:

  • Green – This peaceful, relaxing color is also tied to creativity, free-flow of ideas, and efficiency.
  • Blue – The most soothing color of all, blues boost concentration, clarify ideas, and keep employees calm.
  • Red – Powerful red boosts energy, stimulates conversation, and suggests a bold approach to business.
  • Orange – Adding warmth with orange boosts the social characteristics of the office and livens the mood.
  • Yellow – Bright yellow boosts alertness, while the popular mellow yellow breeds optimism and innovation.
  • Purple – Lavender is closely associated with determination, imagination, creativity, and clarity.

When it comes to color, a little bit can go a long way. Choosing bold, bright accent wall colors provides business owners with more value for their decorating dollar. A unique accent wall in the reception area or transition between different parts of the office effectively livens up the space and demonstrates decorating prowess – all within a reasonable budget. Some organizations turn walls into functional white boards with a glossy, dry erase finish.

Five wood accent wall ideas for your office space

Consider the following popular accent wall ideas to reinvent the office space:

1. Robin’s egg blue reclaimed wood

Shiplap is all the rage in design now. This blue encourages greater peace, imagination, and harmony within the office space — but is also just bright enough to keep everyone energized and on-task. It’s best suited for creative types – agencies, artists, filmmakers, media companies, designers, software developers, and fashion firms.

2. Narrow plank bamboo

A narrow wood accent wall makes an otherwise dull space look a lot busier and texturally more interesting. Narrow boards are also generally associated with greater formality and sophistication, compared to informal wide planks. Bosses like to use busier accent walls surrounding their office doors to signify importance and grandeur. Thin plank wood accent walls are great for businesses that believe in sustainability, building, the great outdoors, or health.

3. Multi-dimensional wood accent walls

The layered multi-dimensional look attracts the eye with its optical illusions. It’s unconventional, alluring, interesting. People entering these offices can’t help but stare at this creative and intriguing design. The warm red tone suggests warmth and sociability. This wood accent wall appeals to any type of trendsetting business that wants to give the impression that they’re hip to modern design concepts.

4. A white-gray wonder wall

On the other hand, a neutral color can become the accent wall in a bright-painted space or in between natural-colored wood panels. A number of clients like the freshness of this white-gray blend, which tricks the eye into seeing the space as more expansive. White accent walls serve as helpful focal points when guests walk into a large room, where they can see all the way to the other side of the office. White accent walls look inviting when positioned behind guest seating.

5. Rustic distressed wood

One of our favorite office accent walls is this beautiful, rustic diestressed pine design. This accent adds depth, character, warmth, and visual appeal. There’s a sort of DIY charm in a blended look that pulls together several different shades and textures. Wood accent walls bring a little bit of nature indoors, which can ease tensions and create a more inviting space.

Emagispace provides a DIY kit that can be easily assembled in less than an hour, giving any space depth and character in a fraction of the time of traditional construction. And, can be finished with any surface you can imagine.

What makes Emagispace® accent walls so unique?

Here at Emagispace, we understand the challenges of an office redesign – the expense, the decision-making, the disruption. That’s why we’ve developed a versatile product that makes putting up an office accent wall easier than you ever thought possible. Our walls go up in a fraction of  the time and cost of traditional consutrcution… without the mess! They’re easy to move, re-design, and repurpose. The product is made of recycled material that can be used again and again should you wish to re-imagine or scale your space later.

The convenient setup and open source ease of selecting the perfect design for you makes us stand out. One customer said it best:

“Emagispace® was amazing to work with. From start to finish we were able to design, select look and feel, source and build in 60 days with construction only taking 4 1/2 days. I was able to move in that Monday! I made configuration decisions on the fly, and I know that I have the freedom and flexibility to change in the future. I won’t hesitate to work with them again, in fact I’ve already ordered more!”

How easy is an office accent wall to assemble?

The process of converting wood accent wall ideas to reality is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Build – The EmagiBlock® accent wall goes up in minutes, not hours! Interlocking ConnectorBlocks made of impact-resistant ABC plastic are covered in eco-friendly, medium-density fiberboard panels. Horizontal and vertical channels allow for easy placement of electrical and plumbing if necessary. Simply invert the ConnectorBlocks to create a flat surface wall. Adding turnkey assembly doors, windows, connectors, and trims is a piece of cake!
  2. Design – We have a catalog of EmagiClick wall-cladding and easy to adhere wood laminate, or you have the flexibility to source whatever finish you desire . Essentially, our accent walls can be skinned with any type of finish one can imagine – making the space uniquely yours!
  3. Reconfigure – Clients sometimes choose to put up a permanent office accent wall. Other times, they want a wall that can be put up, taken down, moved, or stored temporarily. Each EmagiBlock® can be broken down in minutes, stacked, and stored. An entire wall can fit inside a closet or car trunk, in fact!

Take a look at the Video to learn more.

Accent walls transform the workplace into a more open office environment

More and more offices are transitioning to open, collaborative environments. Putting up small office accent walls and privacy walls is a smart way to shut out distractions and drive your team to greatness. From start to finish, a new accent wall from Emagispace can be designed and installed in as little as nine days. For a jaw-dropping office that inspires, call Emagispace today!