How to Create the Best Office Layout for Your Startup

A startup’s workspace needs can change on a dime as your business grows and develops. When deciding on the optimal office layout, it’s always best to plan for long term success, rather than pigeonhole your enterprise into a limited space.

Here at Emagispace, we thrive on helping our startup clients create functional, flexible offices in a fraction of the time and cost!

Emagispace works with design experts to help startups plan their office space efficiently

For startup business owners who are just starting to think about their office look and feel, Emagispace recommends:

  • Think of your headquarters as a place to impress clients and investors – one that speaks to your brand and makes a winning first impression.
  • Focus on the common spaces first. The main floor is the heart-and-soul of the startup office space. When your employees walk in, you want them to feel encouraged to collaborate, included in the dialogue, and inspired to share.
  • Next, look at ways to include distraction-free zones for solo work or small group projects.
  • The colors you choose should be a reflection of your business culture and identity. The nature of the startup enterprise lends itself to bright colors that inspire creativity. Natural lighting, plant life, and bold focal points like accent walls energize the workforce without fatiguing them.  

Your work space needs will likely change as your business expands, so consider how best to flexibly scale your space to align with your business.

What is the best office layout?

According to Bloomberg BNA, “Professionals, and especially millennials, increasingly prefer flexible office spaces that enable social interactions and accommodate all kinds of work styles.” One survey of 2,500 employees found that 82 percent of people believe innovation begins with workplace design and environment.

More and more businesses are foregoing the expensive cubicle mills of the past and focusing on the creation of “neighborhoods,” where there is an open floor plan with mixed seating and tables. People don’t feel as “caged” or “boxed-in” while at work. It’s more of an open, informal environment where they can touch-and-go.

Workers are encouraged to use a mobile app to book private hideaways and conference rooms for times when a more intimate environment is sought.

Top office room design features

The key to successful office room design is in providing options to work together or work solo. Nearly 90 percent of office workers say they have their best ideas when they’re working in flexible spaces.

Professionals in big cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, and Washington overwhelmingly preferred offices with:

  • Natural lighting (62%)
  • Artwork and creative imagery (44%)
  • Easily reconfigurable furniture and spaces (43%)
  • Collaborative workspaces (37%)
  • Bold colors (26%)

Employee benefits to a well-thought-out office space

What if your employees could envision the office as more of a “home away from home”? Imagine how a more positive attitude could improve your bottom line and productivity. A workforce that feels at ease, inspired, and respected is likely to have fewer sick days and higher creative output. Comfortable layout, design, color, and lighting can greatly impact satisfaction and productivity – but don’t just take our word for it!

The International Facility Management Association’s study of more than 42,000 office workers determined that 70% of offices have “open concept layouts,” but these workers are less satisfied with their surroundings, stress levels, and productivity.

River University of New Hampshire summarized the existing body of research pertaining to office design. Among the findings:

  • Noise remains the issue of greatest dissatisfaction, affecting 48% of open office employees.
  • Workers are 66 percent less productive in open offices, compared to working privately.
  • Uncontrollable noise decreases motivation, as well as concentration.
  • Background music improves emotions but decreases reading process and memory.
  • Open office workers took 62 percent more days off work due to illness.
  • Interrupted workers take twice as long to finish their work and make twice as many errors.
  • Workers moved from traditional offices to open offices suffered significantly increased stress.

Need help choosing the best office layout?

Emagispace specializes in efficient space redesign. Our end goal is to help clients build better, faster easier, and more cost effectively than with traditional construction…and in a sustainable way

We break up space using accent walls, pop-up privacy pods, conference rooms, shelving, personal phone booths, privacy panels, focus rooms, conference meeting spaces, and cubicle neighborhoods. Our flexible system can be customized for any color, material, look, or feel.

Initial setup is quick and easy, with flexible take-down, portability, and storage if your needs change down the road. We offer a quick turn-around on shipment and delivery, so bustling enterprises and hit-the-ground-running startups experience little to no downtime in the transition to a more creative, aesthetically-pleasing workspace.

Contact Emagispace today to discuss your vision or get fresh design ideas you hadn’t previously considered. We’ll make it a reality quickly and affordably!