Why Office Design Matters

Office design needs to be the first thought when hunting around for a new space or sprucing up the current space you already occupy. Ensuring you have the basic essential design elements complete before moving forward is critical. The right office design attracts prospective talent and fosters a healthy, happy, productive workforce. Thoughtful design elements reinforce your company culture and meet client expectations for a modern space to conduct business. With Emagispace®, office design is quicker, easier, and more affordable than you ever thought possible.

Your workers can’t be truly inspired unless they feel part of something big.

Adobe found that most of their workforce opted to work from home, rather than in their Midtown Manhattan office space. The layout lacked collaborative space, bogged down with clunky individual offices and cubicles. When interviewed by the interior design team, employees admitted they sought quick, informal, transparent spaces with plug-and-play technology where they could share information and virtually collaborate. Boundaries to separate activities and teams were still important to them, though, which is why Emagispace® work pods make the perfect solution. Our soundproof office pods provide a technology-ready, private space for task-specific work that is still visible and connected to the larger office.

 Your employees can’t be productive if it’s too noisy and distracting.

The open office layout was once the best answer to overcoming the closed office culture that limited innovation and collaboration. However, organizational psychologist Matthew Davis found that the sense of psychological privacy people have in their own offices improves job performance. In fact, open office layouts decrease concentration and increase stress. Julian Treasure, chairman of a UK audio branding agency, says we only have the capacity for 1.6 human conversations at a time, which leaves very little inner voice to write or focus on our own work. Office workers are 66% less productive in open offices, he contends. Multiple studies have shown that a small amount of background clamor is enough to increase mental workload and decrease productive output. A soundproof booth gives workers a place to get the task done or convene in a small group meeting space when needed.

You have the power to reduce stress with natural lighting, color, and plants.

One study found that workers have higher stress levels and poorer heart health in older, darker, noisier offices. Researchers at Washington State University found that increased natural lighting and office plants lowered subject blood pressures and improved computer task reaction times by 12%. Color psychology is another factor that greatly impacts mood. Red increases energy and orange boosts social interaction, while blue has the power to soothe and purple encourages out-of-the-box thinking. Too much blue or white in the workplace can depress workers, while too much red stresses. Emagispace® accent walls are an easy way to add a splash of color to the workspace. The walls are strong enough to accommodate shelving for plants and hold windows or artwork.

Make room for technology to complete projects.

According to a Gensler study, 80% of employees believe that technology like mobile devices, laptops, and video conferencing software has changed their workplace for the better. To younger workers, it’s particularly important that their workplaces be modernized with the capability to charge, store, and accommodate this new technology. Emagispace® privacy pods are designed for laptop workers with adjustable stations and built-in wiring and electrical outlets, so you can keep all your devices powered and ready to go. A pod is the perfect spot to duck into for a video conference.

Contact us for fast, affordable office design

Emagispace® lets you reimagine your workspace as easily as connecting two Lego blocks. Choose from customized wraps to get the aesthetic you want. A two-person team can put up our accent walls, meeting rooms, or work pods in as little as an hour, armed with nothing more than a screwdriver. The modular spaces can be taken down, moved, stored, and reconfigured to meet your evolving needs. Best of all, prices start as low as $15.50/SF, so you can add a small solo work station for as little as $400. On average, our largest orders save 50% on interior design costs and put up the new spaces in one-tenth the time. Contact us to find out how Emagispace® can provide you with a better office design that is truly on the leading edge.