A New Take On Trade Show Booth Design

Any business that exhibits at trade shows knows that trade show booth design must meet several criteria:


  • Consistent and visible branding
  • Appeal or attraction that draws visitors in
  • “Wow factor” that leaves a lasting mental imprint on potential customers
  • Easy to ship and assemble


Trade show veterans know that meeting these goals is often difficult, as each venue offers different space limitations, and storing and transporting the booths can prevent logistical problems that grow expenses quickly.


Emagispace tackles all of these challenges with its modular, flexible, reusable, re configurable, building block technology platform. Originally conceived as an entertainment solution to build performance sets better, faster, more cost effectively, and in a sustainable way, EmagiBlocks are a natural solution for tradeshow exhibit design.


How one product can disrupt an industry

By taking a look at the inspiration that led to Emagispace, it is clear that a little ingenuity can lead to a revolutionary approach.


Founder Noel Maxam was working in the film industry when tightening budgets highlighted the tremendous cost and waste that was going into set design. TV and movie backdrops were being constructed as permanent structures and when the immediate use was completed, they would either be moved and stored – at great expense – or destroyed, contributing to landfill waste. After his early years spent playing with Legos and other reusable interlocking building toys, he realized that a similar concept could solve the set design problem.


It was not long before the value of an easy-to-use, economical, and reusable building platform concept to the tradeshow industry became apparent. It is considerably less expensive to buy an Emagispace product than to rent from a traditional exhibit house.


Emagispace® utilizes a patented, kit-based, interlocking building system to create high quality solid walls, floor displays and back-lit shelving. Additional blocks give you the flexibility to create a private meeting area or refresh your look show after show – not next season! MDF facings create a base for literally any skin design you desire. Inspiration is only limited by your imagination.


Tradeshow design customization at a fraction of the cost

As the Emagispace crew discovered when they first started attending tradeshows as an exhibitor, permanent builds do not make sense for temporary needs.


Some shows may call for quirky, memorable setups. Others may call for a more traditional layout. Successful tradeshow booth design ideas may require solid walls, windows, doors, or some creative combination of those. In any case, the setup needs to be customized and eye-catching.


Emagispace products allow a completely customized configuration, and that configuration can be changed easily and quickly, from show to show or even from day to day. If your booth space is a 10×10 in the corner of the exhibit hall for one show but will be a front and center 30×30 space at the next show, there is no need to bring a different structure; Emagispace building platforms can be reconfigured to fit the need. The skins or wall coverings are also ultra-adaptable because they are separate pieces and therefore fully removable.


Tradeshow booth design ideas for every season

Traditional tradeshow booth design is expensive, so many companies budget for it annually. With a modular system, a company’s booth can be redesigned with the changing seasons, and re-purposed year after year. Custom designed skins are applied separately, making them completely removable and replaceable. You can deploy a variety of wall coverings based on seasonal themes, switching them out throughout the year.


Bringing custom tradeshow design ideas to life

The efficiency, low cost, customizability, ease of assembly, portability and easy storage of Emagispace building products provides solutions for the problems facing many tradeshow exhibitors. In addition, we always provide quick turn around on shipment and delivery.