Inspire Innovation with Permanent Office Solutions from Emagispace

When you step into the offices of flourishing high-tech companies and busy start-ups, you’ll find interesting open spaces with moveable walls, reconfigurable furniture, and areas that promote both commingling and privacy. Companies in their initial growth phases and those looking to…

When you step into the offices of flourishing high-tech companies and busy start-ups, you’ll find interesting open spaces with moveable walls, reconfigurable furniture, and areas that promote both commingling and privacy. Companies in their initial growth phases and those looking to revitalize their workflow look to Emagispace office solutions for making attention-grabbing spaces that are flexible rather than static. By creating smarter, more versatile office interiors, businesses can adapt and change as they grow – and do so at considerably lower cost than with traditional building methods.


Why office layout matters


Research shows that workplace design plays a crucial role in improving employee performance, engagement and productivity.  But how much does office layout really matter in the big scheme of things? According to a 2017 Work Environment Survey that included more than 2,500,000 participants – quite a lot. The researchers polled employees across a broad range of industries, including finance, healthcare, engineering, education and science. Participants located in Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York, Dallas and San Francisco were asked a series of questions about workplace culture and engagement. The survey queried about the importance of environment, workplace innovation, on-site amenities, as well as factors important for accepting a new employment offer.


More than 80 percent said that an innovative environment – one that was filled with natural light, creative design and inviting work areas – were paramount for true engagement. When considering a new job, nearly 75 percent said that office design is just as important as office location.

These findings come as no surprise for companies who understand the long-term benefits of creating vibrant offices – places that attract talent and encourage collaboration. Places where people are actually excited to go to work!


How Emagispace office solutions can transform your workspace


Our flexible office furniture solutions provide the capability to refresh your office design and layout within hours  – not days or months.  Your office layout will never look the same, and you can change it as you grow. From accent and privacy walls to meeting rooms and cubicle areas, our patented custom solutions can transform your workspace from hum-drum to cutting-edge.


Should your company’s office interior feature bold greens, blues and oranges? Or stick with more soothing neutral tones? With Emagispace, you can pick from an endless variety of color and finish options when designing your office layout.


Using our sturdy interlocking EmagiBlocks, you can create amazing spaces quickly and efficiently, whether you need permanent office walls or a modular solution to reconfigure a conference room, fashion a cubicle neighborhood, or do a complete office build-out. And, if you are needing an Accent Wall or Privacy Pod, our EmagiKits are the Do-it-yourselfer’s dream. They’re quick, cost effective, easy-to-assemble and easy to move as your business needs do.


Our office solutions feature sustainable materials


Our signature office building system offers a cutting-edge approach to creating beautiful workspace in a cost-effective manner. Even better: our office solutions are sustainable because they’re made with eco-friendly, re-usable materials.  Each EmagiBlock unit is comprised of medium density fiberboard panels and ultra-light ABS plastic, which can be assembled in any number of configurations in just hours. You don’t need construction expertise or professional tools for assembly either. Kits come with all components and detailed instructions, letting you create a fresh work area with less labor investment.


Revamp your office layout to change as you grow


Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all workstations. Activity-based office settings are becoming increasingly popular in companies large and small, and are one of the leading trends in workplace design.


Our versatile office furniture solutions make dramatic refurbishes both simple and quick. Modular walls, temporary dividers, permanent office walls with doors and windows, shelving and private cubicle stations provide a bevy of purpose-built areas for specific needs.


Whether you want to create an impromptu project area for secluded collaborations, a formal conference room, or simply want to revamp your current office layout, Emagispace can help bring your office space build-out to life.


Attract and retain top talent


Providing interesting, lively workspace is trending for another important reason – surveys suggest that it also plays a big role in attracting and retaining talent. Today’s best and brightest are looking for a work space that is not only engaging, but supports their changing needs and desires. They want more choices for when, where and how they get their job done.


The United States, like many developed countries, is about to face talent shortages as growth slows and the work force ages. Businesses are using creative, collaborative workspace environments that make staff happy and productive to entice and retain the cream of the crop.


Inspire innovation with permanent office solutions from Emagispace


According to one talent survey, engaged employees can increase your bottom line by a staggering 20 percent. Happy employees are not only more engaged, they are invested in their jobs, creating value for the entire operation. If you’re ready to increase productivity and inspire innovation, Emagispace has office furniture solutions to match your organization’s vibe and culture. With our turnkey assembly components, you’ll save time and money, and feel good about building with 100% recyclable materials.


Our platforms are scaled easily, accommodating virtually any space and budget. Environmentally-friendly, easy-to-assemble and affordable – our versatile interior designs have been used for a variety of unique office space requirements. Transform your work environment into a place that inspires creativity. Learn more about EmagiSpace office solutions by clicking here.