8 Great Ways to Personalize Your Workspace

Let’s face it – next to their bed, most professionals spend the majority of their time in their office spaces. Whether you work from home, operate from a cubicle, or do a lot of traveling, you spend a good portion of your life in your workspace. So why not make it uniquely yours? Make a … Continue reading “8 Great Ways to Personalize Your Workspace”

3 Flexible Office Solutions We Love

Employers are always looking for more ways to create flexible office solutions that help them transform their space to suit their business needs. Initially, an open layout may be conducive to onboarding new employees and fostering the spirit of collaboration, but as the business grows, this same environment can become challengingly noisy. Perhaps the large … Continue reading “3 Flexible Office Solutions We Love”

The Evolution of the Open Office Space

  In the last year or so, several articles in the media have challenged the effectiveness of open plan workspaces. An article in Forbes, for example, published on October 3, 2017, asks, “Is the Open-Office Plan Dead?”. A more revealing question might be: Why do businesses insist on using space planning approaches that don’t meet … Continue reading “The Evolution of the Open Office Space”

Fundamentals of Office Interior Design

Do the same principles and aesthetics used in residential interior design also apply to commercial interior design? How are the design challenges of re-doing your guest room at home different from re-imagining a shared meeting space at work? The interior construction innovators at Emagispace® have created a revolutionary, reusable interlocking building block technology that is … Continue reading “Fundamentals of Office Interior Design”

Human-Centric: What Professionals Look for in a Coworking Space

While their occupants have many of the same needs as traditional employees, a coworking space will have some key differences that designers need to know and address.

Furniture Retailers and Designers Leading the Flexible Office Movement

Seeking to create a flexible office environment? Tune into the furniture retailers and designers creating desks, chairs and accessories fit for the job.

Flexible Workspace Design: Moving Beyond Open Office Environments

If you think an open office design can create efficiency and privacy challenges, here’s what you should know about flexible work environments — designed with productivity in mind.

7 Key Factors Driving Office Room Design

Smart, successful companies get it – workspaces, like computers and expense accounts — are first and foremost a business tool. Office room design should mirror and underscore a business’s core values:  everything from the seating arrangement of teams and functions, as well as elements of design that reflect the brand and its corporate culture. Open … Continue reading “7 Key Factors Driving Office Room Design”

10 Ways to Maximize a Small Office Space

Don’t let limited square footage in your company’s workspace keep you from taking advantage of the open office trend. The less space you have, the more you should strive to implement open floor plan ideas to ensure productivity and worker satisfaction. Emagispace® offers these 10 practical and creative ways to maximize the space you’re in … Continue reading “10 Ways to Maximize a Small Office Space”

3 Trending Office Design Ideas

Office design ideas have changed considerably over the past decade, with greater awareness placed on interior design that is comfortable, adaptable and supports the growing needs of businesses and their employees. Successful companies understand the inherent value of the office space as a professional tool. Businesses around the globe have done away with inefficient layouts … Continue reading “3 Trending Office Design Ideas”