5 Easy Changes to Make Your Office More Welcoming

Whether you’re looking to woo a new client, recruit talent, or energize your staff, putting effort into designing a welcoming office space will pay dividends. Company culture obviously comes first, but a good workspace should reflect defining principles and morale. You needn’t have a multi-million-dollar “wow factor” overhaul to create a more enjoyable, productive place … Continue reading “5 Easy Changes to Make Your Office More Welcoming”

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How to Nail Your Event Presence by Creating Branded Spaces

Here’s how to create branded spaces at your next event through carefully curated wall design, social media sharing and customer interaction. Whether it’s a multi-act concert or an industry-wide trade show, your brand’s presence at events matters. Having a well-branded event presence helps your company look professional while solidifying your brand in customers’ minds. However, … Continue reading “How to Nail Your Event Presence by Creating Branded Spaces”

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